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where is my mind? by Nilanja

Hi there!

Out of the four you posted, this one caught my eye first. It's a very ominous shot with a mysterious mood to it. It gives the viewer an uncomfortable feeling and makes us wonder the reasoning behind the shot. The refraction of the eye is wonderful and makes for a great effect.

Preprocessing: You've set up your shot in the middle of the frame. I would love to see this set up more dynamically with the figure higher or lower in the shot. Play around with the frame, if the figure and jar is higher, the refraction of the eye could look as if it were looking "down" at the viewer. The lighting is beautiful especially on the hand. Theres a faint dark purple line to the left of the glass, I think you should either bring that out more or completely darken it as it can be a little distracting.

Taking your shot: I would love to see a tad bit more of the body, my eye keeps going to the corner looking for an elbow. It could be neat to try this concept with a wide angle lens as well. I love the pose and look of the face here.

Postprocessing: If you edit your photographs in lightroom or PS, I would sharpen and bring out the lights on the fingernails a tad as a hook for the viewer's eyes to catch and continue through the photo. I would slightly darken the whites on the glass as it is overpowering and kind of traps the viewers focus from wandering out and looking at the rest of the picture. That being said, if you do that, if you could somehow make the eyes a bit brighter, I think this would really stunning.

I hope this helps! :)
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Nilanja Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
thank you so much for your constructive critique! :D

I really like the idea of seeing the elbow and maybe another framing! I chose this one because of the reflection on the floor which I really like^^
and thanks for the editing tips :D
excess1ve Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, its a lovely reflection and photograph. <3
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